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About Us

Our History

In 1966 a mother of five, Rose McGarrigle, relocated to Austin, Texas from pre-war Berlin, Germany, by way of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Rose realized the desperate need for quality care for children with both physical and mental handicaps. Many who had no home at all. Her vision was to care for children who were profoundly, intellectually disabled without the need for restraints and isolation. With little help from the state or local officials, Rose converted the garage of her West Austin home and took her red Volkswagen bus around all of Austin, serving these special children in her home.

She was relentless in finding ways to be with the children who needed her. She got local churches involved and weathered storms. She used her own house to give room and board to several youngsters mixed with her own children until the number of children and needed space outgrew the circumstances. A kind neighbor donated a “fixer-upper” house on the outskirts of Austin where, with a lot of help from others, Hope House lived for 8 years.

Today, we have 4 homes in Liberty Hill, Texas, all filled with children, including those who Rose cared for back then. They are now Senior citizens who continue to receive the care and love Rose gave them.

Farewell to ‘Mother Rose’

Austin Chronicle, 1/10/2003
We strive to give our special residents the opportunity to play and interact with other peers as much as possible. We encourage families and groups in the community to come out and play with them as well.

That Old 1968 Red VW!

Our founder, Rose, transported her children wherever they needed to go in this 1968 Volkswagon bus. Some of the children in this picture are still living here today!


More Of Our History

In 1977 land was donated just outside of Liberty Hill, Texas and the first home was built with the kind and loving attention of her family, friends, a dedicated and committed staff, and several foundations in Texas.

Today 16 children live in the original home and 21 Senior adults and teenagers live in two duplex style homes and one single family style home within the city limits of Liberty Hill, Texas. Most of the adults with us today were Rose’s children in 1967!

Rose instilled in all of us God’s love for children who need it the most. Rose worked every day until her very last on Jan. 1, 2003. On this day she asked the workers to take care of “her kids” and left the facility in the capable hands of her devoted staff under the direction of Ginger Hernandez, an assistant that trained with Rose for over 10 years. Ginger retired as director in early 2008 and the homes are now efficiently operated by our Executive Director, David Gould and a board of directors.

By the grace of God, Hope House has operated for over 50 years. With the help of our supporters, we will continue to care for the most severe cases of mental and physical disabilities well into the future.

Our Services

  • A loving atmosphere with personal, individualized care for all ages
  • Long term staff who are fully trained for special needs and disabilities
  • Heart-warming, home-like environment featuring a cheerful, sunny setting
  • Clean facilities in each home
  • Indoor and outdoor playscapes
  • Therapy room with qualified therapists
  • Full-time nurse on duty. Healthy, well-balanced meals, and snacks
  • Special education curriculum available at the local public school
  • Excellent medical care just minutes away
  • Numerous opportunities for outings, travel, games, fun activities and stimulating experiences, with access to many community recreational facilities